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This is dedicated to the friends we have lost that ain’t even dead yet…


We were birds of same feather, but cut from a different cloth

Finger food for thoughts

Brain like the beauty, you bring forth

Black is the colour, you made of.


Took my heart through the distance

Broke my heart in all instance

Shatter every thought of existence

Love found, lost, all in our instinct


We make up, we break up!!

Build bridges over same issues

Misuse excuses like used tissues

It seemed like we were best of friends, but at the end we were never official.


It feels like the right kind of wrong

Even now, that apart we have grown

Every now and then, still I wonder how faraway you have gone

As I left you in the past saying, let bygone be bygone


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….hdrh (@iamheadrush_)

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Really good one here Dorcas…..the new layout looks cool too