Lightening/Light; Hate/Love; InDifference/Difference

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Our light is a thunderstorm where darkness threatens us; It strikes to pass a message along: The deeper meaning of Hate is "Indifference" Where our struggles doesn't seem to matter, When our safety is not yours to carter Peace lives where light continues to breathe, And warmth is the feeling that strengthens us #MyActionsMatters #LoveActually #MakeADifference [...]

En Pointe

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Dancing Sweating... Dancing happily... Sweating gloriously They are watching, Waiting afore a misstep Wondering if she has lost her mind Worrying that she has gone wild Where is she headed? What glides her feet?  Waiting for her to explain aim Asking her to halt; Seek permission prior to jete En pointe En pointe Passe, split, passe [...]


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Picture Credit: https://www.albi.com.au/brand/moments Moment From the moment we crossed paths I never stopped searching for your heart Though seemed hard from the very start The obstacles I had to overcome just so we never depart. Your fears that is the distance between our hearts As I drown in your tears, trying to get to your heart. Your [...]


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Picture Credit: http://2020iscoming.info/else/person-walking-away.coming This is dedicated to the friends we have lost that ain't even dead yet...   We were birds of same feather, but cut from a different cloth Finger food for thoughts Brain like the beauty, you bring forth Black is the colour, you made of.   Took my heart through the distance Broke my [...]