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Click Here for Part 1: Click Here for Part 2: Click Here for Part 3: _________________________________________________________________________________   Dear Chioma Madu,Barr., How are you?   I know you least expect to hear from me after how I have so clearly avoided you since your last call. I apologise for hanging up as well. You know me; evading [...]

CITY DIARIES… "Coke or Fanta"

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There was a picture I saw on the internet that has continued to provide comic relief for me; a fair lady trying to stifle her yawn with her hand...and that hand, in comparison with the rest of her, was as dark as a Mallam's hand. The caption under the picture was "No be by force to [...]


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Click Here for Part 1: Click Here for Part 2:   Four months has passed since we last gathered. And in those four months, a lot has happened. The last gathering pretty much wrapped up as soon as I’d left. I lied I needed to pick up Jimi from Jazz lessons. Jazz lessons! Seriously?I [...]


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"Do you think my boobs are small?" Tina asked, as we tried to lounge by the pool on a sunny Saturday morning. I flicked a glance at her so-called small boobs, which were encased in a leopard print halter bikini. "Why do you ask" I replied. No be my mouth dem go hear say ogbono dey [...]


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Click Here for Part 1: “I am so sorry I’m late. The traffic was bloody and I couldn’t get off the gym on time” Ariel trooped in like a thunderstorm in frenzy. She was sweating profusely, hair tightly knotted in and still in her gym clothes. She took in everyone present and took a sit [...]

Quietly Observing: Part 1

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Picture Credit: She loosened the twists in a slow and gentle caress through the sharp edges of her dark woolly hair. She has been repeating this process for more than I can tell anymore. Twisting a portion of her short hair with her fingers and then untwisting them again after she’s done. I don’t get it; why she needed [...]


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"So when are we going to dance at your wedding" Aunty Nkem said, as I came to sit beside her on the couch. I froze. Where did that come from? "See most of your friends from secondary school are already mothers, you are here chasing money", she continued in a huff. I gave the television my [...]

CITY DIARIES…"The Aso-Ebi Wahala"

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"How much?" I practically screamed down the line. There was a brief pause at the other end, then Joy responded, "Just 30, 000 naira na, its correct lace oh and remember that you would get a souvenir". Souvenir my ass!!! At best, it will be a dinner plate, if one even gets lucky enough to get [...]

CITY DIARIES…."Equality propaganda"

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It all began on a rainy Sunday Morning. I was preparing to go to church when I heard a loud commotion outside. Being a typical Nigerian, I dumped what I was doing and ran outside to get my own story straight from the source. Lo and behold, what was happening? A young lady was fighting with [...]


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Picture credit:    The silence echoed. Only to be interrupted by the dancing sounds of the printer. It was calibrating again. Actually this was the twelfth time it had done that since morning. I can’t quite recall what Segun had said during his last maintenance visit about why it needed to do that. He had been [...]