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I consider myself; I consider myself an entity, Liberated for me Yet stays a part of myself It allows me some things to decide Sometimes, Rather more than I should allow myself And even though I linger off the choosing side I let myself try out me. With some to choose; With others to let choose; [...]

SCRIBBLES 2 : Sitting and Chilling

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Picture credit: TED (Thanks TED! *Winks) Just chilling.. While sitting Also involves eating.. Lots of munching, And drinking All around me people. Listening to the cheering, and cheering Everyone trying to let life simple Ignoring all the hustling and bustling Slowing the pace down for a while So be certain you will only catch me with [...]

I am thinking…..

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"I think I think too much. And I am convinced that all my thinking is going to make me start thinking my head will explode soon. I think I need to find a way to stop thinking so much. I think I keep thinking so much because I worry too much. Now I think I am [...]